Lil Zane

For every chart-topping rhyme slinger who marries big (see: Future or Jay Z), there’s a legion of rappers who get by on sheer luck.

This Can’t Be Life: Lil Zane Disses Tyler The Creator & The Game That’s right, we couldn’t believe it either. Somebody went and dug Lil Zane up from the depths #NobodyCaresVille and told him that he needed to address his doubters. The crazy thing about all of this, Zane’s released music since 2001… Right, I […]

“Tribute 2 Amy Winehouse” – Lil Zane and Shorty Mack [Video] Popping up from out of nowhere, Lil Zane and Shorty Mack have decided to capitalize off of Amy Wine house’ death with a tribute video. “Amy was always just cool, Im gonna miss her, but instead of all this grief she would’ve wanted us […]

Lil Zane – “Beyotch Like Her” Peep More Wired Tracks Here