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Nipsey Hussle‘s tragic death continues to send shockwaves across the industry, but there has been a concerted effort by his family and friends to continue his legacy. James Harden, currently leading a Houston Rockets playoff run, has dedicated his quest for the NBA championship to Hussle, who was a close friend of his.

The memorial service for the late Nipsey Hussle appeared to unite the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas as family and fans mourned the slain rapper.  During the funeral procession, reports of a drive-by shooting were put out, leaving one person dead and three others injured.

Today, the city of Los Angeles will be joined in mourning the late Nipsey Hussle with a memorial service and a 25-mile procession throughout the city. The Game made a public call to peace during the service, continuing his current stance in regards to the artist he had a close connection with.

The memorial service for Nipsey Hussle takes place at the famed Staples Center venue in Los Angeles, and already vultures are abusing the man’s legacy. However, those attempting to scalp tickets for the service are getting shut down.

The family, friends, and supporters of Nipsey Hussle will be gathered to celebrate the life of the popular rapper and businessman. According to a new report, the venue will be heavily guarded to avoid a breakout of issues that occurred last week during a vigil for Hussle.

Kodak Black has been itching for the fade for a minute now and was close to catching knuckles from Young M.A. with his unnecessary and extremely uncomfortable flirting. Now, the walking crusty elbow made a pass at the grieving Lauren London and a Los Angeles station is no longer playing the Florida rapper’s music.

This Thursday, Los Angeles will be united in honoring the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle at the famed Staples Center venue. In the processional of the memorial service for the beloved artist, the 25-mile trek will move past Nipsey’s Marathon clothing store and much of South L.A.


Just when you though Nipsey Hussle‘s murder couldn’t get any more heartbreaking, it does. TMZ is reporting that stomach-churning news that Nipsey had actually survived the initial shooting, but when he spoke out to his alleged shooter, Eric Holder, he was shot a few more times.

As fans are still scrambling to make sense of the tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle, a memorial service has been announced for the beloved West Coast rapper and businessman. In Los Angeles next week, the Staples Center will host the going home service for Hussle, a fitting honor for an artist of his caliber.

As new details emerge in the tragic shooting death of Nipsey Hussle, it was revealed that he was at his Marathon store doing a favor for a friend. Ahead of the incident that took Nipsey’s life, the rapper was helping out a buddy who was just released from prison with some fresh gear before the […]

The manhunt for the chief suspect in the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle has been caught. Eric Holder, a reported gang member, was caught Tuesday afternoon (April 2) in Los Angeles and promptly arrested.

In what should have been a peaceful gathering to honor the life and legacy of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, things took a bad turn when rumors of gunshots in the crowd sparked a stampede. In the end, over a dozen people were injured in the aftermath of the vigil and stampede.