This week, the Twitter account for New York Lottery announced that Vega, the star announcer with the distinctive introduction "I'm Yo-LAHNNN-da Vega!” that fans across the state symbolized with hitting the jackpot retired.


It’s no unearthed secret that money changes relationships, especially when it comes overnight in the form of a lottery ticket. However one Fort Worth, TX let a $500 lottery ticket explode an already fragile union and now both of them are dead.


While people sit and complain about how horrible their lives are and continue to drag their feet in despair, an average man from Missouri shows that there’s still hope. Chris Shaw, 29, an everyday convenience store clerk recently won the Powerball jackpot and came forward on Thursday to claim his winnings of $258.5 million. Purchasing […]


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as a Maryland man threw away a Mega Millions ticket in the garbage. Fortunately, after realizing that the ticket was worth $250,000, the man proceeded to rummage through the trash for 90 minutes before retrieving his winning ticket, according to Baltimore television station WBAL. Buying several tickets for […]