melle mel

Triple-OG Melle Mel had some choice words about Eminem and Jay Z. But it’s hard to tell if it’s hate or humor.

Big Daddy Kane vehemently dared anyone to say something disrespectful about Macklemore after the paid homage to the Golden Age pioneers, and apparently Melle Mel feels the same way.

Councilman Fernando Cabrera is set to recognize some of Hip-Hop’s founding fathers with a New York City Council Proclamation. Honorees include Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, and Afrika Bambaata.

Here today, and gone later today. That’s how fast your career in rap can last if you are not careful with how you handle your business. Luckily there are rappers that have lasted the test of time and are still rocking microphones to this very day.

Now let’s take it back to the old school. In a special performance not seen on air, Melle Mel warmed up the crowd at Rockefeller Center.

The legends came out at party promoter Matt Dematt’s birthday party at Lucky Strike in NYC on Thursday. Peep as Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel perform “The Message” and “White Lines.” Classic…

“Rap stopped being rap after Rakim.  Everything else was kinda like downhill.”  There was a day in time before everybody was dancing and riding with the South when New York was known as the stomping grounds for Hip-Hop music.  Much has changed since then as the energy has shifted towards pop infused rap records and […]