Triple-OG Melle Mel had some choice words about Eminem and Jay Z. But it’s hard to tell if it’s hate or humor.

In an episode of First Family of Hip Hop, the man who gave us the Hip-Hop classic “The Message” delivered one of another kind. In a conversation he was having with his son about current Hip-Hop, he called two of the biggest names, Eminem and Jay Z, “posers.”

The comment came when he was asked if he liked anyone that was rapping right now, especially Em. To that, he replied, “Most of it is garbage. These are just guys posing. Jay all of them.”

He even went as far to say that Jay Z wasn’t Black.

“He’s a white guy, Jay Z’s a white guy,” he said. “Jay Z’s a white businessman. He’s a clown.”

Mel ended his rant by declaring that he could defeat Eminem in a rap battle.

As is the case with most older gentlemen, it’s hard to tell if Mel was being serious or just being an old a-hole. Watch the clip and judge for yourself below.

Photo: Screenshot

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