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Here today, and gone later today. That’s how fast your career in rap can last if you are not careful with how you handle your business. Luckily there are rappers that have lasted the test of time and are still rocking microphones to this very day.

While these OG’s are probably not being heard on your hottest radio station, we’re sure many of them will land on your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper Top 5 Dead or Alive MC list.

Additionally when you consider their age bracket, influence on rap culture and current day relevancy, they should be saluted as pioneers. Or better yet, considering it’s Veterans Day (big up all those who keep us safe), in an effort to honor the rap vets, we present:

10 Rappers Over 45 That Are Still Doing It.

Let us know who you are still checking for in the comments section below.

Photos: Universal, Grammys / Steve Granitz, E1 Records, Zimbio, Ebony, Twitter

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