The inspiration for a song can happen at any time, but few would expect that one of Hip-Hop’s favorite Christmas-related jams was written while the author was on drugs. Rev. Run of Run-DMC says that while he was high and eating breakfast, he came up with the lyrics for “Christmas In Hollis.”

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Run DMC’s Rev Run is flourishing on TV, with his latest show being Rev Runs Around the World on the Travel Channel. A new episode finds Rev and family in Istanbul, and he gets a rude awakening when searching for a “relaxing” Turkish bath. 

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Here today, and gone later today. That’s how fast your career in rap can last if you are not careful with how you handle your business. Luckily there are rappers that have lasted the test of time and are still rocking microphones to this very day.


As you may or may not have known, the unlikely duo of Rev. Run and Tyrese have collaborated on a book titled Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed. During a recent press run, the duo sat down with our folks at the Urban Daily, who asked the two fathers to share their feelings about Shawty Lo’s proposed reality show, […]


R&B crooner Tyrese Gibson, 34, and the Hip-Hop legend Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, 48, have collaborated on a book titled Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed. That’s right, the unlikely duo are offering women advice on how to better understand their men. 

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If you are a Hip-Hop historian, this is going to be a pretty enjoyable eight minute watch. Before Hip-Hop DVDs and the internet, N.O.R.E. (now known as P.A.P.I.) carried a camera with him everywhere.

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 Russell Simmons and Rasheed Young have two very different accounts of what could have happened to millions upon millions of dollars. Young alleges that the Hip-Hop mogul and his brother, Rev Run, kept the money, and Uncle Rush has offered up an explanation.


Russell Simmons and Rev Run are in fear of being sued by their business partner who claims to have been stiffed out of millions. Run Athletics president, Rasheed Young, had his lawyer send a letter to the brothers last fall, accusing them of hiding the money, which he is potentially owed.

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Every father (notice we said “father”) wants to be a good example to their children. But when you’re a rapper who promotes violence, misogyny and bucking the system on a daily basis, sometimes balancing being a shining example to your chirren and being a good entertainer can get tricky. Often times a rapper’s bad habits can […]

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It’s hard out here for a rapper. So hard and sinister, in fact, that many artists find themselves turning to religion shortly after their industry days are over, with some even stepping in the pulpit to spread the gospel themselves. Others see the writing on the wall, and head for the high road, even sooner. Many […]

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Rev. Run is a master of the turntables, and this exclusive clip from Ice T’s The Art of Rap Documentary, the Run DMC front man broke down the meaning of “pause tapes.” According to the Rev, he’d record bits and pieces from different songs off the radio, and put them together to make one complete record. […]

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Daniel “Diggy” Simmons is the latest of a lengthy list of child stars who have grown up in the public eye. Ever since he was the brace faced kid on Run’s House, he matured in front of the entire world as we watched his steps. A few short years later, Diggy is a 16-year-old teenage […]