mental illness

Nicki Minaj and her team are most likely in serious damage control mode after the rapper posted a video where she was seen mocking a woman who was allegedly mentally ill. Fans have been lashing out at the 33-year-old superstar and are calling on her to make amends for her actions.

When news broke that Kanye West was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital for his “own health and safety,” speculation began to swirl that the Chicago superstar was suffering from a mental breakdown. Twitter has had mixed reactions to the news of West’s hospitalization, showing just how polarizing West is as an artist.

Deborah Danner, a Black woman with a history of mental issues, was shot and killed by the NYPD Tuesday (Oct. 18) night. NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill says his department “failed” the 66-year-old Danner after one of his sergeants gunned her down.

A couple of weeks ago, former NBA guard Delonte West was spotted barefoot in Houston. It turns out that West had been given the wrong medication at a treatment facility for his mental illness and began hallucinating. 

Jewel Shuping has always seen herself as blind, even though she once had perfect eyesight. The North Carolina resident allegedly fulfilled her lifelong wish with help of a doctor, and drain cleaner.

Three former California jail guards in Santa Clara County have been charged with murder for the fatal beating of a mentally ill inmate last month. The suspects, Matthew Farris, Jereh Lubrin and Rafael Rodriguez, were arraigned in court Tuesday (Sept. 8), after being arrested last week.

A Detroit man, in trouble for allegedly threatening to kill his girlfriend, thought he’d show off his freestyling skills to plead his case. Callius Moon rapped during a video arraignment Tuesday (Feb. 5), and managed to impress the judge presiding over his case.

A mentally ill New York City man injured an NYPD officer with an elephant tusk during a scuffle, because he had to rid himself of the voodoo spell taking over his being. Dominick Anderson got into a domestic altercation with his grandmother, inside his apartment at around 8:10 a.m. this morning.

The Lisa Turtle that we knew and loved is no longer. When footage of Lark Voorhies looking nothing like the person from Saved By The Bell, How To Be A Player, and your nightly dreams, popped up online, questions behind her physical appearance ran rampant. Voorhies later said that the drastic change in face was […]

U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his congressional post Tuesday (Nov. 6) grabbing 63 percent of the vote in the Illinois Second Congressional District, despite being absent from the job for the last several months. Jackson has served in House of Representatives since 1995, but took a leave of absence in June for […]

Are bath salts back to wreak havoc on society? There’s no sure fire answer to that question, but a man in New Jersey exhibited behavior similar to those made famous during the zombie apocalypse. Jargget Washington, believed to be high on PCP, started his tirade on the streets of Jersey City Sunday (Oct. 21) night. […]

A Michigan man was killed in July, and today his family is seeking answers as to why police took his life, and why the investigation is taking so long to complete. Milton Hall, of Saginaw, was gunned down by police, following an incident in a convenience store. Hall was surrounded by cops, before being shot […]