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Nicki Minaj and her team are most likely in serious damage control mode after the rapper posted a video where she was seen mocking a woman who was allegedly mentally ill. Fans have been lashing out at the 33-year-old superstar and are calling on her to make amends for her actions.

Minaj posted the video Monday to her Instagram account with a laughing emoji and the clip showed her engaging the woman while in Miami, Fla. A Page Six report goes into greater detail about the fans and their comments on Minaj’s Instagram page.

From Page Six:

“What you said? Miss? C’mere,” the “Pinkprint” MC says before busting out laughing and asking, “What did I do? Can we talk?”

Commenters didn’t take kindly to the post, with many locals indicating that the woman featured in the clip is mentally ill. One wrote, “I live in south beach and i know every homeless [person] around. We have a loooot of those around and she has mental illness.”

Another wrote, “You talk about privilege when you don’t get an award you want, but then you use your wealth and fame to abuse this woman who’s less fortunate than you? Hypocritical.”

Some fans are defending her by saying the woman was actually drunk and not mentally ill.

“Omg be quite people ! You saying she bullying the lady but what you guys are doing to her is bullying as well the lady does not have a mental illness the lady was drunk intoxicated. I don’t think nicki should’ve put her on social media like this but you guys are really dragging it. Over sensitive people ,” wrote one person.

Minaj and her reps have yet to reply to the chatter.