Michael Jackson

The long-running animated series The Simpsons has a number of classic episodes that fans have flocked to over the years, including one that included the vocal talents of Michael Jackson. The show has decided to pull the episode from future reruns due to the allegations raised in the recently aired Leaving Neverland documentary.

See how Black Hollywood has been responding to HBO's 'Leaving Neverland' documentary.

Whether you watched or not, HBO’s documentary Leaving Neverland which is already earned the cable network multiple lawsuits from a man featured in the doc and the Estate of Jackson revisits child molestation accusations against Michael Jackson has the internet talking.

HBO is facing a potential lawsuit from a man who was mentioned in the upcoming Leaving Neverland documentary, stating that the film is spreading falsehoods. Brett Barnes, who is shown as a boy in the film, says that Michael Jackson never molested him and he’s filing his suit due to that insinuation.

Ahead of the Sundance premiere of the Leaving Neverland documentary, the estate of Michael Jackson has threatened legal action. The estate launched a $100 million lawsuit against HBO over the documentary, which their side believes smears the legacy of the late King of Pop.

The late Michael Jackson spent a portion of his career being dogged by allegations of sexual abuse against minor children, and a new documentary examines the case of two men who claim to be victims. Leaving Neverland will make its debut at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Quincy Jones spilled all of the tea during his infamous interview with Vulture earlier this year. The icon has since shown remorse for some of his words including things he said about T-Pain.

The King of Pop’s legacy continues to live on. A corner in one of America’s most iconic cities will bear the likeness of music’s biggest act.

Quincy Jones is getting his dough. The iconic musician and composer has won his lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s and has been awarded a cool $9.4M. 

Calling Michael Jackson legendary or iconic will forever be an understatement. An image of the King of Pop will be gracing a new collection from streetwear giant Supreme, dropping Thursday, May 25. 


Just when you thought Supreme collaborated with every one of your favorite brands, word is being spread that the streetwear of choice for hypebeasts is about to release a limited edition Michael Jackson themed collection.

Add Michael Jackson to the list of artists to have their lives portrayed on the Lifetime channel.