Hundreds of passengers were stranded for hours on an Etihad Airways flight (without adequate food) bound for San Francisco over the weekend. Fog grounded Flight 183 on a tarmac in Abu Dhabi for 12 hours.  

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President Barack Obama has undertaken the weighty task of taken on Islamic State militants in Syria amid troubles on the domestic front. Over the weekend, Mr. Obama stated that U.S. Intelligence authorities underestimated the planning and capabilities of the militants in the region.

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President Obama traveled to Israel for the first time in his nearly five-year tenure as commander in chief, Wednesday (March 19). The trip gives the president an opportunity to fix his relationship with the country, which has been shaky since he took office.

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is en route to the Middle East today in hopes of facilitating an end to airstrikes that have claimed the lives of more than 100 people in Gaza City. Once she arrives, Clinton will meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

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President Obama made a stop in New York City Tuesday (Sept. 25), where he addressed the United Nations General Assembly, and appeared on ABC’s The View. The president’s address was centered around the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, in response to a controversial film making fun of Islam, which he blasted as […]


Kanye West and his ambitious artistic aims have already delivered the epic short film slash music video “Runaway” in 2010. But it appears the Chicago superstar is set to shoot another high concept art film in the Middle East according to inside sources close to the project. The New York Observer reports that West sent […]


“Add a few moans and groans and you will pass through undetectable,” says the advertising for one of the most controversial inventions to ever hit store shelves. Religious conservatives in Egypt, livid and much of the Middle East, are livid over a product that allows women another opportunity to be virgins again. At least in […]