NCAA Basketball

One of the greatest minds in college sports is taking a bow. Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski has announced his retirement.

Liddell, 20, is a forward for the Buckeyes men's basketball team

This decision was inevitable. The NCAA has canceled the Men's and Women's Basketball tournaments due to the Coronavirus.

An epic fight took place Tuesday night (Jan. 21) between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats, spilling out into the crowd before cooler heads prevailed. It all happened in garbage time as the contest was winding down and sparked by a Kansas player who didn’t particularly like the fact the ball was stolen […]

The University of Memphis is now short of a player and an ongoing saga involving James Wiseman will only grow in the wake of his leaving the squad to declare for the NBA Draft. However, Wiseman’s decision to go pro isn’t without its fair share of questionable happenings in the background.

March Madness is upon us and every year, there is always a player in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament poised to become a breakout sensation. Ja Morant of Murray State is an early favorite after he dropped a triple-double on Marquette in an upset win Thursday night (March 21) and basketball Twitter is hype.

Kwame Brown was projected to be a big star in the NBA after going #1 in the 2001 NBA Draft when the Washington Wizards picked him up, but things didn’t quite pan out. However, Brown believes that collegiate players should have a right to enter the pro ranks if they’ve got the skills and slammed […]

The Ole Miss basketball team is woke (well, some of them). Players on the squad knelt during the national anthem in protest of pro-Confederate rallies happening near their university’s campus.

Zion Williamson has become everyone’s top NBA prospect after showing true dominance as a star for the Duke University Blue Devils. However, a freak on-court injury has the basketball world in shock and could potentially derail Williamson’s career potential.

The FBI has college basketball under an intense microscope and has uncovered some damning information.  Friday morning, Yahoo! Sports dropped a report revealing the findings of the FBI’s probe into NCAA corruption and it names current and former players from high-profile Division I schools. 

Rashan Michel, a man at the center of a federal NCAA bribery probe, once got involved in a brawl with retired NBA great Dominique Wilkins.

On Monday night (April 6), basketball fans sat at the edge of their seat as the Duke Blue Devils defeated the Wisconsin Badgers in the final minute of the NCAA Mens Championship game.