new york comic con

Cosplayers showed more amazing cosplay during day 3 of New York Comic Con 2022.

These cosplayers showed out on Day 1 of New York Comic Con 2022.


This would be the first official Notorious B.I.G. statuette and while we can't get a great look at it, the teaser seems to have a crowned Biggie sitting on top of a bodega which serves as his throne. 


Fans will now be able to experience the convention as a virtual event dubbed New York Comic Con's Metaverse which will allow viewers to participate in three-minute meet-and-greets, watch parties, and tune into livestream panels about television series such as “American Gods.”

We highlighted the best activations to visit during New York Comic Con 2019, as well as the best trailers that dropped. Now it’s time to focus on why most people attend the east coast massive gathering of nerds, blerds, and comic book fans, the fantastic cosplay.

New York Comic Con 2019 is officially a wrap, outside of the fantastic cosplay, there were plenty of announcements and trailers for released.

Another year, another New York Comic Con weekend has arrived. With the Jacob Javits Centered stuff with all the swag, activations, event, and even comics, a fan could desire, navigating the floor can be overwhelming, even for a Comic Con vet.

  New York Comic Con is finally here, and the new trailers are rolling in. 

New York Comic Con, the annual celebration of all things nerdy and cool is here, and yeah the panels, comic books, and collectibles are cool, but have you seen the cosplay?