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On Wednesday (Dec 30), the Queen Barb celebrated her son’s three-month milestone by blessing fans with an impromptu Q&A session via Twitter, which led to the “Queen” rapper sharing more intimate details about the birth of her baby boy—including how she went into labor.

Meek Mill went from talking about starting his own digital music platform to ranting in on Clubhouse.

The Queens, N.Y. superstar has achieved much in her career and remains an inspiration and icon to her millions of adoring fans.

Wiz Khalifa finds himself in Cardi B's crosshairs after responding to a shady tweet from a Barbz fan. As historical acknowledgment, this may be the first time the Khalifa Kush enthusiast doesn't want smoke from another rapper. The online drama caught Nicki Minaj's attention in the most fitting way prompting her petty response.

No matter what you think of her, Nicki Minaj has had a remarkable career. The Queens rapper's life is the subject of a six-part documentary series that has been picked up by HBO Max.

On Friday (Nov 6), Nicki Minaj took to social media and responded to fans who opened up a discussion about her, her son, and everything going on in her life since she became a mother after one fan asked why she couldn't be "like a normal celebrity" and "hire a nanny."

While 50 Cent did not dress up for Halloween he still made sure to insert himself in the conversation. Lil Nas X’s outfit in particular triggered him the most.

Nicki Minaj officially became a mommy a few weeks ago. In new age rapper fashion, she just recently gave fans a preview, a teaser if you will (a snippet?), of her newborn son.


Last night at the stroke of midnight the world got their first listen to Sada Baby's latest Nicki Minaj featured cut "Whole Lotta Choppas" and boy did the joint go hard.


Though "Sorry" never actually debuted, Funk Master Flex did play the cut and found himself roped into the drama for his role in the songs exposure. Chapman did not appreciate the move and took Nicki to court for the unintended leak.


According to Bossip, Petty has asked a judge to ease up on the bail restrictions placed on him for upcoming sex offender case and allow him to tour with his pregnant wifey as he's claiming to be her manager these days. Due to his court-ordered curfew and travel restrictions, Petty fears that there's a chance he may miss the birth of his child should Nicki go into labor while on the road.