Planned Parenthood

Travis Scott‘s opinion on issues of race have been questionable over the years. But, where women’s rights are concerned, the rapper seems to be placing himself on the right side of an issue that’s upending the country: anti-abortion legislation.

Young Thug graced the stages of New York City’s Terminal 5 last Thursday and the mission became larger than entertainment for the Atlanta rap star. Thugger tweeted on June 29 that all proceeds from his concert would go to Planned Parenthood based on his experiences with becoming a teen parent.

In light of what is set to transpire this coming Friday (Jan. 20) when President-Elect Donald Trump is sworn in, four women from Harlem are running from New York to Washington in support of women’s rights. Alison Desir and a small group of fellow runners are undergoing the 240-mile trek on foot to raise funds for […]

An active shooter situation occurred in Colorado Friday when a man burst into a Planned Parenthood clinic and opened fire. The shooting, which took place in the city of Colorado Springs, left three persons dead and the gunman was taken in alive.

The family of Tonya Reaves is demanding answers after she died following an abortion Friday (July 20). The 24-year-old   went to a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago to have her second trimester pregnancy eliminated. According to her autopsy, Reaves suffered a fatal hemorrhage, during the dilation of evacuation procedure (also known as D&E), which surgically […]

A Baptist church in South Carolina has grabbed attention for an explosive claim posted on their marquee. The Macedonia Baptist Church in Columbia posted a sign that reads “Ultimate Racism: Abortionists Target Black Babies.” The church’s pastor Patrick Dye—a white man—defended his decision to make such a bold (and true) statement.  “I cannot be silent […]