According to the still-developing reports, one member of Rondo's crew suffered wounds.

We're not sure what Quando Rondo's endgame is here, but he's talking, sort of. The Savannah, GA rapper recently sat down Angela Yee to discuss the King Von shooting that cut the up and coming rapper's life short and the details behind the tragedy.

Tim, real name Timothy Leeks, posted a $100,000 bond over the weekend, and the video of his release has gone wide on social media.

While the Savannah, Ga. rapper has since moved on while expressing remorse, a recent response on Instagram suggests that the moment still looms heavily in Rondo's life.

Quando Rondo needs to get some things in order. One of the rapper's recent shows was cancelled by the authorities, and he seems to have deleted, or at least suspended his Instagram account.

Despite being advised not to publicly discuss the shooting, Quando Rondo decoded to tell his side of what happened that tragic night that left rapper King Von dead and three other injured--including the alleged shooter, who is a part of Rondo's entourage.

Things have been very spicy and messy following the tragic shooting death of Chicago rapper King Von.