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Quando Rondo Show Cancelled After Lil Durk Allegedly Bought All The Tables

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Things have been very spicy and messy following the tragic shooting death of Chicago rapper King Von.

Word on the internet streets is that Lil Durk is exercising extreme pettiness in response to Atlanta rapper Quando Rondo’s alleged involvement in the shooting incident that left Durk’s friend and fellow rapper King Von dead. In an interview with DJ Akademiks, Von’s manager explained that Von was less careful than he usually is when he approached Rondo’s vehicle that fateful night and was blindsided by a member of Quando’s crew.

No one has heard a peep out of Quando Rondo following the incident. Rumors are circulating that Durk bought up all the seats at Rondo’s upcoming show, forcing him to cancel it as an act of revenge. However, it is being considered purely fan speculation. The show that was supposed to occur on  November 28 at Shockflow Entertainment Center was put on ice because of Quando’s “ongoing legal situation.”

Durkio is allegedly grieving privately and has since deleted his Instagram account because of Von’s death. While some are taking this recent turn of events with a grain of salt, many are praising “The Voice” crafter’s level of pettiness, allegedly.

You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty

1. Interesting

2. Real Gs move in silence like lasagne

3. Chess not checkers baby.