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Quando Rondo Angela Yee Interview

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We’re not sure what Quando Rondo’s endgame is here, but he’s talking, sort of. The Savannah, GA rapper recently sat down with Angela Yee to discuss the King Von shooting that cut the up-and-coming rapper’s life short and more details behind the tragedy.

The Breakfast Club host asked Quando Rondo about that fateful night in Atlanta that left King Von dead. Despite this interview being posted on his own social media account, he immediately started saying that he was not clout-chasing, instead of just answering the question, “That night when you was in the parking lot, what lead up to you even being in the parking lot?”

Rondo was cool with Von and Lil Durk, the latter of which has directed much ire at the rapper since the death of his friend. Durk was reportedly even bought tickets to Quando Rondo shows for the sake of spiting him.

As for the video, it is titled “November 6,” the day Von was killed, and is supposed to be Rondo’s side of things. When he does start answering the questions, amidst copious amounts of “ya feel me’s?,” Rondo maintains that he was sleeping in the car when the altercation started and that he was minding his business he stepped outside and someone ran up on him.

According to reports, amidst the mayhem in the parking lot it was Timothy “Lul Tim” Leeks who shot Von, and who still maintains it was only in self-defense. Recently, Lul Tim was released on bond.

Apparently, it’s a multipart video interview series. So much for bringing the temperature down out in these streets.

Part 1.

Quando is still talking and praying, Part 2.

And he’s still going.