Dade County’s Pitbull has come a long way from his days of gangsta rap, á la M.I.A.M.I. The man born to Cuban expatriates went from being a Lil Chico signed to Luther Campbell’s Luke Records to international brand Mr. Worldwide.

Pitbull feat. Sensato “Latinos In Paris” [Video]   Pitbull shows that he hasn’t forgot where he came from since he’s become an international star as he and Sensato rip Kanye and Jay-Z’s” Ni**as in Paris.” NormallyI hate when artist drop their unwanted versions of hit songs but Pit does this justice. Oh yeah, the Miami rapper directed […]

Members of the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party are upset about an upcoming concert from rapper Pitbull. Pitbull is scheduled to perform in Malaysia Saturday at a dance music festival, but if it’s up to around 300 protesters, that won’t happen. Islamic protesters gathered in Kuala Lumpur today to express their distaste for the rapper because

It’s been over 6 years since Hip-Hop fans have gotten a taste from legendary Latino emcees Cypress Hill. After taking an extended hiatus, the gang is back with their new album and rejuvenated sound. In lieu  of the release of their ninth studio album Rise Up on one of the most celebrated “holidays” by weed […]

The biggest Hispanic festival in the nation is paying tribute to a leader in Spanish Hip-Hop. Cuban American rapper Pitbull has been named the king of the annual Carnaval festival’s biggest bash. Carnaval festival takes place in Miami from February 27-March 14 and includes contests, tournaments, arts and jazz concerts. Pitbull will take his crown […]

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