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Two men in Chicago have been taken into custody for stealing checks from President Obama’s campaign headquarters. Jessie Adams and Willard Elam had their bail set Saturday (Sept. 22) for committing theft and fraud. Adams’ bail was set at $100,000 because he was seen as the ring-leader, while Elam’s bail was set at $75,000.

In honor of Father’s Day, First Lady Michelle Obama is showing love for a couple of influential men in her life. Mrs. Obama, who recently joined the photo sharing site, Pinterest, took to Twitter to give thanks to President Obama, and her own father.

Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey sang for President Obama, and other attendees of a fundraiser supporting his re-election in New York City, Thursday. The event was one of two soirees held in his honor that day, the first of which took place at the home of actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, costing $40,000 per ticket.

President Obama will head back to Ohio Thursday (June 14) where he will offer potential voters the first major speech regarding his economic plan. Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, will also be in the state to offer a conflicting alternative to pulling the country out of a financial rut.

Michelle Obama is stepping further into the technology world. The first lady just joined the photo sharing service Pinterest, in honor of her husband’s re-election campaign. Her photos are separated into three different albums: “Around the White House,” “Great Memories,” and “Father’s Day,” featuring a total of 16 images in both black and white and color.

Newsweek has responded to President Obama’s public support of same-sex marriage by crowning  him a gay president. The POTUS graces the cover of the latest issue, with a rainbow halo around his head under the controversial title “The First Gay President.” The cover, which hits newsstands May 21, also teases the article written by Andrew […]

It’s no secret that the Republic Party is not a fan of President Obama, but their unwillingness to look at the facts, and attack him based on his race remains unsettling. The latest culprit to take an unwarranted shot at Obama is U.S. Rep Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), who thinks that the only reason the president […]

As President Barack Obama cranks up his re-election bid, and fends off criticism from Republicans, the POTUS has been on a three-state college tour in a reported step to pander the youth vote. After wooing audiences last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and showing off his smooth vocals, the president just landed the cover of Rolling […]

With the 2012 presidential election gaining steam, Russell Simmons and Deepak Chopra decided to throw a little more support behind President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. Known for their fondness for Obama, philanthropy, and meditation, Simmons and Chopra are hosting a star-studded dinner at the ABC Kitchen tonight (March 1). But all that positive energy in […]