Outspoken and politically provocative rapper Jasiri X has used his platform to speak on the “Occupy” movement, to the Trayvon Martin murder along with other hot button issues. The Pittsburgh MC takes aim at both President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney on the heels of tonight’s highly anticipated debate with a new song. […]

Last week, Rhymefest called Chief Keef the representative of “senseless savagery,” and now he’s explaining his words. Speaking to WGCI’s The Morning Riot in Chicago, Rhymefest didn’t back down from his criticism of the teenager, but reiterated the root of his disdain. “I meant to say what I said. It’s really not about Chief Keef […]

Chief Keef has been the talk of the  rap game, ever since his “I Don’t Like” track became a viral sensation, but not everyone is fan. The young rapper, hailing form the Windy City’s is catching heat from fellow Chicago native Rhymefest for his lyrical content. The teen father became the focus of a bidding […]

Righteous rapper Jasiri X drops a new record called “Who’s Illegal?” featuring Rhymefest, a civil rights enthusiast who once ran for Alderman of the 20th ward in Chicago. X and ‘Fest take listeners/viewers on a trip down to both Arizona and Alabama, where unrest exists over two anti-immigration bills being passed in the respective states, with this Paradise Gray directed […]

Behind the Scenes of Kanye West, Rhymefest, Kim Kardashian Puppet TV Show A few years back Kanye West and fellow Chicago rapper Rhymefest were working on a puppet TV show called Alligator Boots for Comedy Central. While the television show never left the cutting room floor, here’s a 9-minute clip featuring ‘Ye and Fest discussing […]