The two legendary producers have produced exceptional bodies of work between them that span decades.


For the past few months the Wu-Tang Clan has experienced a sort of resurgence in popularity thanks to their Showtime docu-series Of Mics and Men and more recently their series on Hulu, Wu-Tang: An American Saga.


Mass Appeal’s Wu-Tang Clan documentary Of Mics and Men on Showtime will surely put you in the mood for new music after the heavy does of nostalgia. Right on cue, today (May 15), Mass Appeal Records/36 Chambers announced that the Wu-Tang: Of Mics And Men Soundtrack will drop this Friday.


RZA knows a thing or two about horror after his stint with the horrorcore supergroup, The Gravediggaz. Now, the Abbot of The Wu-Tang Clan is gearing up to direct a scary flick titled Angel Of Dust with Ghostface Killah on the help out.


It is shaping up to be quite the year for the Wu-Tang Clan as the crew is in the midst of a world tour in support of the 25th anniversary of their debut album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chamber). RZA, the “Abbot” of the Clan, has partnered with high-end movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse for […]


The hunt for Once Upon a Time in Shaolin continues. RZA has attempted to buy back the album, but was denied.

Azealia Banks

It seems like that infamous incident that went down between Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks is still a bit too touchy a subject for the embattled Harlem rapper. Recently, Vince Staples brought the incident back up in a tweet in which the Compton rapper opined that had Tyler Perry done to Taylor Swift what Crowe […]


RZA isn’t trying to hear anyone using the Wu-Tang Clan name without collecting a check for it. Thus, the Abbot is suing a Brooklyn-based dog-walking company for using the WTC’s name without permission. 

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It’s not what cha want, baby – it’s what cha need! In the same year that’s seen the Wu-Tang Clan reunite for The Saga Continues, the killer bees have now officially relaunched their mid-90’s Hip-Hopper’s clothing staple Wu-Wear.


You can throw the thought of Azelia Banks and RZA working together again out the window. The “212” singer now hopes he drops dead.

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Once again the killer bees are finally flying high with their stingers out and ready to attack! After a lengthy hiatus the Wu-Tang Clan have returned on this Friday the 13th with a new full length LP that fans have been clamoring for what feels like centuries.


With Wu-Wear slotted for a comeback this year, RZA continues to advance his influence in the fashion industry. The Abbott recently announced he and the 36 Chambers brand will be launching an Emperors’ Treasure capsule collection.