Twista – “Bed Rock Freestyle” Bun B – “I’m On The Block” Democrats feat. Young Buck – “My N*gga” Ghost, Rae, Meth & U-God – “Clap 2010” Click here to listen to more Wired Tracks and check Hip-Hop Wired daily for the latest music and exclusives. Also click here to check out the weekly WIRED […]

Outside of his work with the Wu Tang Clan on the boards, producer RZA has always had some type of fixation with the Asian culture and the art of Kung Fu. Now is the time to show and prove as he has been given the green light to begin the film The Man With The […]

Dame Dash’s latest project is gearing up to hit stores. As previously reported, Dame’s been busy preparing a collaboration with rock/blues group the Black Keys. Now as the holiday season kicks in to full swing, the final project between the mogul and the band is set to hit stores. BlakRoc Records

“If you want me to beat you up, I can put my mind into beating you up, but I’m into walking calm, cool collective.  I never want to punch a man in his face again.” Wu Tang is a group that is known for their lyrical prowess and their ability to snap necks with their […]

“I was pushing that idea years ago to them.” After problems started to arise with Wu Tang and they were fully expressed with the troubled album, 8 Diagrams, it felt as though there was a rift developing within the camp from Staten Island. Some artists such as Ghostface felt as though RZA wasn’t expanding and […]

The legendary Wu is being brought to the frontline by the writings of their de facto leader, RZA. As previously reported, the book is titled the “Tao of Wu” and uses religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Five Percent, numerology, Kung Fu and chess to cite lessons and tales of the Wu. He recently spoke […]


The rap game may look like the ultimate life to those peeking in through the window, but the politics and yellow tape that surrounds it makes the business more than what it comes off to be. Known for his ability to craft that Wu Tang sound, the RZA is also known for his work in […]

Ghostface made it no secret that he was unhappy with his former production company and made headlines with the announcement of his ongoing court battle to receive unpaid royalties. Face took Wu Tang Productions and Robert Diggs, better known as RZA, to court about unsettled payment. Now after four years, court documents have appeared that […]

Wu-Tang leader, RZA, is set to drop his latest project. Making use of the art form that gave him fame, the shaolin aficionado is prepping for the release of his second literary body of work. Entitled The Tao of Wu, RZA’s latest book serves as something of an unofficial sequel to his first script outing, […]

Using the latest and quickest way to spread news, Raekwon the Chef confirmed via Twitter that his album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 would be released on September 8th. The album was supposed to drop in early

Raekwon The Chef has plans to further raise the Wu-Tang banner as he puts the final seasonings on his much anticipated fourth studio album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Scheduled to hit stores later this summer, Rae told Hip-Hop Wired, “Expect heat my ni%ga. Rae being in Rae mode again. It’s me really just bringing […]