In 2014, the families of five children and four adults who were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting sued the now-bankrupt manufacturer of the gun a monster used to cut down 20 six and seven-year-old children along with six adults. On Tuesday (Feb. 15), those families’ attorneys announced a huge win for […]

President Obama is fed up with opposition to reforming gun control laws, and made his feelings crystal clear during a speech today. In response to the failed vote to enforce expanded gun-buyer background checks, the president was passionate in his address, as families of Sandy Hook victims stood behind him.

Four months after the Sandy Hook shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn., lawmakers are ready to move forward with a gun control measure. Earlier today the Senate opened debates over whether or not to vote on the adjusting gun laws, bringing the legislation one step closer to approval

A 12-year-old student in California was detained Saturday (Feb. 9), for allegedly plotting to kill 23 classmates, and a teacher. The child was taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Parents and family members of thoes killed in the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary gave emotional testimony Wednesday (Jan. 30), urging lawmakers to do something about gun control. During the hearing, held at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Conn., family members called for the banning of assault rifles, and stricter screening practices.

The high school student alleged to have opened fire at Taft High School yesterday, specifically targeted one person because he was being bullied. He fired two rounds at students before facing his teacher, Ryan Heber, who is being hailed as a hero for talking the gunman down.

A student opened fire at a high school in Taft, Calif. this morning, wounding two people. The unidentified suspect started shooting at Taft High School just after 9 a.m., hitting one person who sustained “major” injuries and was airlifted to a local hospital. A second victim was treated for less dangerous wounds.

The shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School will go down in history as the “worst day” of President Obama’s career as leader of the free world. During an interview on Meet the Press airing Sunday (Dec. 30), the commander in chief recounted the day, two weeks ago, when 20 children were slain.

Xavier University is paying tribute to the shooting victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School by way of their basketball uniforms. The school’s basketball team debuted its new uniforms Saturday (Dec. 22).

The New York Post was so desperate for an interview with Ryan Lanza, the brother of Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza, that they settled for a Facebook exchange. A person pretending to be Ryan told the paper that he was also a victim of his brother’s heinous shooting spree. “I am a victim,” the Ryan poser wrote. “I […]

After a few days of silence, the National Rifle Association has offered its condolences to the shooting victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School last week. The NRA is known to cause controversy over its stance on the right to bear arms, but like many around the globe, they were struck by the heinous crime that […]

Authorities worked overtime to complete the task of positively identifying those killed by the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Friday (Dec. 14). 20 children were killed in the tragic incident, most of whom were six and 7 years old. Of the total, eight were boys and 12 were girls. 18 […]