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Authorities worked overtime to complete the task of positively identifying those killed by the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Friday (Dec. 14).

20 children were killed in the tragic incident, most of whom were six and 7 years old. Of the total, eight were boys and 12 were girls. 18 of the 20 young victims were killed at the scene, while two others died at the hospital.

Suspect Adam Lanza killed six adults in addition to the children, before taking his own life. He also killed his mother, Nancy, who worked at the school.

Lt. J. Paul Vance told reporters that authorities “worked well through the night,” to get the names back to family members, and have the bodies removed. “Our objective certainly was to positively identify the victims to try to give the families closure,” Vance said.

Authorities have yet to announce a motive behind the shooting.

Upon learning of the tragedy, President Obama held a press conference and was moved to tears at the thought of all the children who lost their lives.  He pledged to assist the state with any federal help needed.


Photo: KCRA