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The New York Post was so desperate for an interview with Ryan Lanza, the brother of Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza, that they settled for a Facebook exchange.

A person pretending to be Ryan told the paper that he was also a victim of his brother’s heinous shooting spree. “I am a victim,” the Ryan poser wrote. “I [lost] my mom and brother.”

The fake Ryan also posted a photo of Adam with an RIP message above his birthday, and when a stranger suggested that he “rot in hell,” the person never broke character. “You have no right to call my brother names when he isn’t here no more,” the phony responded. “Just let my brother rest in peace. Please. Respect that.”

A spokesperson for the Lanza family later told The Post that the page was not real, and that Ryan had not given any statements on the shooting.

Ryan was first thought to be the suspect who killed 27 people including his mother, Nancy. He was later identified as the killer’s brother and was questioned by police before being released.

After committing the massacre at his former school, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Adam took his own life reportedly as he heard police sirens approaching.