scott storch

There’s an old saying that “Fame comes with a price,” which is what immensely talented producer Scott Storch is finding out. According to TMZ, Storch was arrested after attempting to conceal a bag of powder in a trash can at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas back on February 4th. The police report states that […]

Dear diary…babies are such a nice way to start people and that’s probably why people have them.  In addition to the aforementioned benefits, children are probably a parent’s most valuable resource and the best hope for their financial future. See, unfortunately most American’s have retirement portfolios that are written in red ink, which in turn […]

“If he reads this, he would be very angry at me. He’s not going to ever give me anything.” As producer Scott Storch continues to repair his life and place himself back into the driver’s seat, family issues are starting to build on his plate. Joyce Yolanda Storch, mother of the producer, has come into […]

Taking such claims with a grain of salt has become routine when it relates to producer Dr. Dre and any news that pertains to his long-awaited third album Detox. There will probably be five more installments of Beats By Dr. Dre headphones before an actual album. Already stating that the release will drop this year, […]

For the sake of not beating a dead horse, it has come to a point where the pure mention of Dr. Dre and Detox only serves to incite rage amongst fans that are starting to look at the release as nothing but an urban myth in Hip Hop. Help may be on the way to […]