“My first thought was, nobody is going to get hurt anymore.” In an effort to save his child from torment that he endured in his younger years, a man resorted to murder of a man that he states use to rape him when he was a child. Aaron Vargas, 32, plead no contest Tuesday to […]

Enduring two weeks of punishment, a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten by two men while confined to a Crown Heights basement located in Brooklyn. Finally able to make her escape, the victim identified Anthony King and Kevin Evans, both 24, as being the culprits behind the heinous act, according to court records. […]

Without having control of his arms, legs, hands and needing constant assistance to get around, a wheelchair bound man is being accused of sexual assault. According to a Queens TLC judge, however, the man, Cheecho Mertsaris, grabbed her upper thigh and her butt while they were in a room alone while his aid was filing […]

“I kind of had a feeling it was going to turn out this way,” plaintiff Michael Mineo said. “If you want to commit a murder, join the NYPD.” A police officer can sleep a little more soundly now as he was acquitted Monday of accusations that he sodomized a drug suspect in a subway station. […]

In a move surely meant to garner positive attention for the nonexistent annual worse parent awards, A Wisconsin man is facing an uphill trial for child neglect after feeding his daughter a very unusual diet. A 15-year-old teen testified against her father in a Dane County, Wisconsin courtroom, saying that he forced her to eat […]