Karma has a beautiful way of always checking you, case in point meet Tavis Smiley, who now has to pay back his former employer, the Public Broadcasting Service, a smooth $2.6 million a judge ordered.


The legal tussle between PBS and Tavis Smiley is still ongoing, and a blow was handed out to the former television host this week. On Wednesday (March 4), the network won $1.5 million citing that Smiley violated a morality clause.


Tavis Smiley has been dogged by accusations of sexual misconduct, leading to his ouster from his talk show post at the PBS network. Although Smiley has vehemently denied all claims, an investigation was recently concluded by an external source that revealed a number of unheard details in the case.


Tavis Smiley and his firing from the PBS network amid alleged sexual misconduct allegations tarnished the legacy of the longtime journalist, but he has resisted owning the claims. Smiley filed a lawsuit against his former employer on Tuesday (Feb. 20) over the allegations, saying that it was a breach of contract and caused financial losses […]


BFF’s Tavis Smiley and Cornel West aren’t having the best of weeks. Today (Dec. 18), the former was on Good Morning America defending himself after having his show suspended from PBS due to allegations of sexual misconduct. 


Tavis Smiley is in the hot seat. The TV host has been suspended indefinitely by PBS, but he took to Facebook to adamantly deny the sexual misconduct allegations he is facing. 


Tavis Smiley, the longtime host of the eponymous PBS daily talk show, is yet another high-profile male figure facing the so-called reckoning experienced by men in power accused of sexual misconduct. The network suspended Smiley’s show amid allegations of sexual misconduct among low-level staffers living in fear of losing their jobs.

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D’Angelo broke his decade and a half streak of reclusiveness last December when he released his well-received third studio album, Black Messiah.

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Tyler, The Creator’s interviews, while rare, are generally insightful. His fourth studio album, Cherry Bomb, new app, Golf Media, and avant garde method of creating gave him plenty to talk about during a recent sit down with Tavis Smiley.

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PBS aired a conversation between Tavis Smiley and J. Cole on Tuesday night (March 17).

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Tavis Smiley was a guest ABC News’ This Week on Sunday, where guests held a round table discussion on a variety of issues. Conservative and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol was blasted by longtime talk show host after he suggested countries in Africa stricken by Ebola be essentially quarantined.


Longtime talk show host and BET correspondent Tavis Smiley will now forever be immortalized with the legends of the entertainment universe.