“On To The Next One” As time continues to progress, Bun B continues to hold the flag and keep the legacy of U.G.K. well and ticking. Bringing in a new year, the Texas native is getting Hip Hop ready for his third official release with Trill O.G., which is set to drop on March 2. […]

A Massachusetts man is $3 million dollars wealthier due to misacting on the part of Boston officials. Ulysses Rodriguez Charles was awarded $3.25 million in restitution after being wrongfully accused in the rape of three women and spending 18 years in the state penitentiary. Legal representation for the city, William Sinnott, says the move was […]

Dr. Conrad Murray, the man that will likely go down in history as the destroyer of the greatest musical talent in the 2oth century, is the subject of a new documentary. A British film crew has been in Texas documenting the daily goings on of the beleaguered physician and presumed killer of Michael Jackson, capturing […]

In a non-startling display of party operating policy, the Dallas County GOP has officially claimed defeat in their pursuit of Black constituents, leaving local party leaders and organizations to the political wolves. Calvin Stephens, chairman of the beleaguered party’s Dallas chapter, has acknowledged the organization’s demise. “It kind of dissipated,” remarked Stephens. “The enthusiasm we […]

A costume donned by a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys has people questioning what attire is appropriate to wear in jest and what should never be touched. Whitney Isleib is learning that lesson the hard way after she decided that it was an acceptable idea to don the make-up substance known as “black face,” often […]

Origin: Florida (By Way of Japan) Currently Resides In: Tampa, Bay Florida   If you’ve ever heard a ‘Southern Smoke’ mixtape, then you know what to expect; some of the hottest hip-hop artists in the south masterfully blended into a bass driven, beat riding mash up. The enormous success of the Southern Smoke brand can be attributed to a man […]