In the midst of promoting his Blueprint III tour with Trey Songz and Young Jeezy, Jay-Z is seeing his name brought up in headlines overseas now that he’s facing allegations of racism. British newspaper The Daily Star is reporting that would-be attendees to an after party he held for the Brit Awards were denied entry […]

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After such a monstrous year like 2009, Jay-Z has a lot to look back on and be happy with. With “Empire State Of Mind” becoming the New York anthem and scoring his 11th number one album, Jay has some momentum on him. He has now become an international superstar. It must be for that exact […]

In the music industry there are many types of artists.  There are the one-hit wonders that need their 15 minutes in the spotlight, but are never heard from again.  Another spectrum shows artists that are able to put out potent product for their time period, but can’t keep up with the time and those that […]

“Me and Jay is kinda weird. Musically, I take friendship very serious. Me and Jay, sometimes people think we have falling outs. We don’t have falling outs, it’s that we don’t communicate at the proper time.” Ever since the camp of Timbaland let the flood gates open to The Blueprint III and leaked almost half […]

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When Jay-Z’s not busy breaking records and selling out shows, he’s constantly seeing his name brought up in legal drama. As previously reported, bouncers at his 40/40 club in Atlantic City will face assault charges after being videotaped violently beating patrons of the venue. Now his latest legal woes involve small businesses illegally

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Spiegel and Grau, an imprint of Über book distributer Random House, is getting ready to release their next major project. Working with Hip-Hop mogul Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, the book giant is working to produce a work of literary mastery; a book that effectively gives background information and personal stories about some of the multi-platinum artists’ […]