The D.O.C. reflected on using AI to create new music with the voice he once had before his life-changing car accident in a recent interview. He also spoke about how Fab 5 Freddy helped to facilitate the project.

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The documentary about rapper the D.O.C. is getting support from R&B Soul music legend Erykah Badu.


YouTube announced last week they acquired Warren G’s music documentary G FUNK and now we get our first look at the YouTube Originals acquisition. 


It cannot be stressed enough how former Ruthless Records rapper, The D.O.C., was well on his way to superstardom before a 1989 car crash (as depicted in Straight Outta Compton) injured what was considered to be his driving force in life: his vocal chords.

A split second is all it takes for a person’s life to change forever — our favorite rappers included. That said, Hip-Hop Wired lists 10 rap artist who suffered devastating, life-altering injuries.

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It is no secret that Dr. Dre has the golden touch. On his 49th birthday we look back at all the recording artists he has turned into superstars (think: household name).

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For Hip-Hop heads, this is a case where you will sincerely be reading at least one of the articles. Playboy magazine interviewed The D.O.C. in its new “S-x & Music 2013” issue. The legendary rapper discussed getting back on his feet after his voice was ruined in a car crash 24 years ago and now helping […]

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Death is serious business. Nobody knows that like the people who’ve had experiences that have left them knocking on heaven’s door. Near death experiences aren’t foreign to those in the Hip-Hop arena. There are plenty of Hip-Hop artists that can attest to that. Whether the catastrophic moment was caused by getting shot, a car accident […]