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For Hip-Hop heads, this is a case where you will sincerely be reading at least one of the articles. Playboy magazine interviewed The D.O.C. in its new “S-x & Music 2013” issue. The legendary rapper discussed getting back on his feet after his voice was ruined in a car crash 24 years ago and now helping to make new rap stars with his ghostwriting prowess. 

In November 1989, while returning home from the video shoot for “The Formula,” the D.O.C.’s vocal chords were injured in a near fatal automobile accident, ruining the voice that made him a star with his classic debut, No One Can Do It Better.

“The whole West Coast movement changed direction the night I had that accident,” the D.O.C. told Playboy writer Alex Pappademas. “Once that sh-t happened, I was just out of there. I didn’t care about anything but getting drunk and getting hight…trying to get away from that pain of not being able to do the one thing that I was good at.”

Despite being a seminal west coast Hip-Hop act, the D.O.C. is a Dallas native. Now he has plans to help shine a light on up and coming Hip-Hop acts in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The “It’s Funky Enough” rapper will be penning songs for new artists on a reality show called HipHopDraft Presents I Got My Voice Back that is set to premiere this spring.

Watch the rest of the video with a portion of the interview below. The full interview, which features the D.O.C. recalling creating landmark records with Dr. Dre and N.W.A, will appear in the April 2013 issue of Playboy magazine, which is on newsstands March 15.

Check out photos from the interview, titled “Ghost In The Machine,” and the new issue’s cover in the gallery.

Photos: Brent Humphreys/Playboy

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