Twitter Beefs

Another day brings someone else taking shots at Wale via Twitter. Everyone knows Mr. Folarin is active on the social media platform, but why do so many want to bring it to his digital doorstep 140 characters at a time?

Nicki Minaj took to her Twitter account and made quite the statement tweeting, “racism is alive and well.”

Twitter erupted Tuesday afternoon (July 8) when Meek Mill tweeted some choice words aimed at dissing estranged MMG comrade, Wale. After the viral universe went to work on the now-infamous #UNOTMMG hashtag, Roscoe Dash surprisingly chimed in on the beef as well.

Earlier this afternoon, Meek Mill sent out a slew of mind-boggling tweets aimed at dissing Wale. Needless to say, Twitter went to work on the #UNOTMMG hashtag.

Meek Mill had a war of words with his artist Louie V Gutta over Twitter, Monday night (June 2).