Another day, another unnecessary call to the police over a Black person not doing anything other than existing. A Fort Lauderdale woman who also works as a bank manager is suing Wells Fargo after the branch called the cops on her for trying to cash a $140 check.

Banking and financial services institution Wells Fargo has announced the launch of a new storytelling campaign featuring Talib Kweli and a handful of other celebrities. The rapper serves as one of the curators for the four-part short film series, Untold Stories: Our Inspired History.

Police in Illinois have arrested a man for literally tearing down the house. According to police, old Calvin Townsend ripped dozens of items from the walls and floors of the house he had just been evicted from, totaling over $100,000 in damage. On April 26, sheriff’s deputies conducted a mortgage foreclosure eviction order on behalf […]

The ongoing battle between the NAACP and Wells Fargo is officially over. As previously reported Wells Fargo’s mortgage lending practices were being questioned not only by the NAACP but by the state of Illinois. A federal lawsuit was filed against the bank accusing it of disproportionately selling African-American and Hispanic borrowers high-cost, subprime mortgages, while […]

Several lawsuits against banking behemoth Wells Fargo are silently shaking the foundation of minority-banker relations that are not entirely due to their misguided business practices. One of the Nation’s largest mortgage lenders and key player in 2009’s great housing bust, Wells Fargo, is being accused of coercing members of the Black and Hispanic community into […]