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Police in Illinois have arrested a man for literally tearing down the house.

According to police, old Calvin Townsend ripped dozens of items from the walls and floors of the house he had just been evicted from, totaling over $100,000 in damage.

On April 26, sheriff’s deputies conducted a mortgage foreclosure eviction order on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank.  Although being evicted,  the bank’s representative allowed Townsend to remain in the residence until noon on April 28 to remove personal belongings.

But when a bank representative arrived at the house on April 28 to change the locks, he immediately noticed substantial damage throughout the home, according to a press release issued by the bank.

Police state that after Townsend found out that he was being evicted, he decided to recoup the work he had put into the house and then some.  According to reports Townsend ripped out all the doors, door trim, kitchen cabinets, countertops, a chandelier, whirlpool tub, toilets, sinks, two air conditioning units, two hot water heaters, a furnace and water softener among other items.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart states that after removing the items from the house, Townsend went on to sell the items to neighbors, but eventually turned himself into authorities after police approached him for the item sales.

“This is someone who is stealing. This is someone who just went about, surgically, trying to take everything of value out of the place that was not theirs and then went about trying to sell it all,” said Dart.

Cops recovered the stolen items, but the neighbors who bought fixtures are out of the money they spent.