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Wells Fargo

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Another day, another unnecessary call to the police over a Black person not doing anything other than existing. A Fort Lauderdale woman who also works as a bank manager is suing Wells Fargo after the branch called the cops on her for trying to cash a $140 check.

Miami New Times reports:

Barbara Carroll just wanted to cash a check for $140. The 78-year-old former probation officer and assistant bank manager, who is black, stopped by a Wells Fargo branch in Fort Lauderdale last November for what she thought would be a quick errand.

Instead, she says, she spent two and a half hours at the bank’s Victoria Park location while employees refused to cash her check or return her driver’s license, asking the PhD-holder what she did for the money and telling her they had called police. They were suspicious that Carroll was guilty of forgery, she says — even after the man who wrote the check confirmed it was legitimate.

“I felt very embarrassed,” she tells New Times. “I felt belittled. I can’t tell you the emotions I felt.”

The incident took place last November and is now coming to light based on Caroll’s open lawsuit against the company. Personally, we hope she gets everything she asks for.

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