Taking a risk that not many artists would chance, newcomer Fashawn make the decision to revisit the classic that made Nas the legend he is now. Going back in time to 1994, the XXL Freshman gives Illmatic some California love with his newest mixtape Ode to Illmatic. “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” “That buck that […]

Receiving placement as part of the Freshman Class 2010 has only served as further validation of Wiz Khalifa‘s grind in music. With his most recent mixtape Kush & OJ still making its rounds, the rapper takes his tour footage in preparing his next visual “Goodbye” from his 2009 album Deal Or No Deal. “All I […]

Contrary to the belief of many, the upcoming debut album from J. Cole is not titled Cole World, as many have speculated over the last week after the release of his official single “Who Dat”. Aside from the single and stating that the album might be released in August, the entire project is still under […]

Being looked at as the most anticipated member of the XXL Freshman Class of 2010, all eyes have essentially been on J. Cole, waiting on his next move. Under the tutelage of Jay-Z, the Roc Nation’s first artist is showing signs of his debut album, releasing what is reported to be his first single. “Who […]

It’s funny how far one’s words can spiral out of control for him/her, but spotlight, whether it is good or bad, is still opportunity to shine in some way. After receiving responses from the majority of the XXL Freshman after making claims that he didn’t know half of the team and felt there were other […]

Going from the music and overall sound being generated from the new generation of artists within Hip-Hop, it’s more than clear that some haven’t done their homework as it pertains to revisiting classic works by rappers before throwing out their own material. For West Coast rapper Fashawn, his debut album, Boy Meets World, showed that […]

jayrock WATTS UP WIT ICE CUBE TALKIN KRAZY ABOUT NEW WEST N***aS.IF HE GOT A PROB WIT 1 OF US HE SHUD SAY R NAME N STOP BN SCARED 2 CALL A N***a OUT As reported earlier, West Coast OG rapper Ice Cube had some unkind words for some new school artists in the West.  […]