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Swagger Back: 10 Rappers That Were Left For Dead, But Bounced Back Like Cooked Cr@ck


We’ve all been ridiculed, called names or counted out at some point in our lives. But when you are a rapper who is in – or striving to get in – the public spotlight, it comes from all angles. Fans, haters, bloggers, record execs, DJs and the people in the comment section all have a certain say so in the future of a rapper’s career and a negative opinion from any in that group can affect whether a rapper is the next mega star or ends up selling dope.

When a rapper is perceived to have fallen off it can be the death knell for their career. Unless they are one of the select few artists who can somehow claw their way out of that figurative grave and return from the essence.

Here are 10 artists that were dropped, laughed at or written off who–for various reasons–bounced back better than ever…


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  • kev ellison

    and yet another wack list! y’all consistent. i’ll give ya that much LOL

  • Nobody

    Your forgot DMX. Source unsigned hype – signed to Ruffhouse in 1991 and dropped before being signed to Def Jam in 1997.

  • So, Eminem leaves for 5 years, goes off the radar with not one, but TWO near death experiences…. comes back with two of the biggest hip hop albums since his return and he doesn’t even make the list? This is the definition of a terrible list.