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DJ Of The Week: DJ Ace


DJ Ace is an entrepreneur, disc jockey, and Southside Atlanta staple.

The former manager for Gucci Mane now boasts his own club and his own brand that’s garnered national attention through the release of Waka Flocka Flame’s Salute Me Or Shoot Me mixtapes.

In this interview with HipHopWired, Ace tells us how he got connected with the 1017 Brick Squad family, who’s next to blow and how he gained his street cred  by breaking new artists.  [More]

Origin: Decatur, Georgia

Current Location: The  Southside—Clayton County, Georgia

HipHopWired: Tell me how you got started DJing.

DJ Ace: I got started DJing in 97, I used to DJ in a club and before that I started DJing the basketball games in high school. Raheem The Dream Kizzy Rock, Sammie Sam, my brother used to be down with them so just being in  the clubs at 14 and 15 years old with them, I got down with the whole movement and everything’s been popping since then.

HipHopWired: About how many years have you been doing it now?

DJ Ace: I’ve been in the game for about 14 years now.

HipHopWired: Now you’re most known for the Salute Me or Shoot Me mixtapes with Waka Flocka. How’d you hook up with Flocka for that?

DJ Ace: I deal with a lot of these artists on a personal level. From Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka to Alley Boy, I’ve been knowing them personally from the hood. My brother’s in the dope game real hard so I just decided not to go that route. Me being a DJ, a lot people want to get in the game, a lot of them want to rap and I’ve just been the outlet to help them out. I’ve been knowing these folks for years. I met Waka when me and Gucci left Big Kat and Gucci got with Debra [Antney], Waka’s actual Debra’s son. Waka liked my mixtapes and came to me and said, “I’m gonna start rapping, would you help me with my mixtapes?” and I said, “Yeah” but I thought he was playing. Waka used to carry Gucci’s bags so I didn’t think he was for real but one day he just called me. I know these folks personally; I didn’t just meet them in the streets.

HipHopWired: What do you think about Waka’s success right now?

DJ Ace: It’s amazing to me. Like I said, Waka was carrying around Gucci’s bags. I used to be Gucci’s manager so I watched Gucci grow and get his money. It’s amazing to me how fast he blew up and how he blew up. So many people give radio DJs $10,000 or pay people to play them and it’s a known fact they he didn’t do that. All he did was a mixtape with me and Trapaholics. It was just a fact that it was good music that people liked. Regardless of what they say about him, a lot of people say he can’t rap…but he getting $25,000 a show. You can’t take nothing from him.

HipHopWired: You plan on working with anyone else from 1017? OJ or Gucci?

DJ Ace: O.J. called me, said he wanted to do some more work. I don’t run around and ask people to do their mixtapes for them; I’m always waiting on a phone call. I own my own club in Atlanta, Georgia and they’re like the only artists I deal with. Personally I’m not too fond of dealing with artists that are already on. My thing is dealing with artists that I break and that get on. That’s how I gained my credibility in the hood.

HipHopWired: Is there an artist right now you’re planning to break?

DJ Ace: There’s a couple of them. Four Tre that’s one of Gucci’s homeboys…a group called Up Next. I got a couple of situations that are booming. I did a couple mixtapes for an artist in Huntsville, Alabama  called Moose, he’s down with Big Cat records.

HipHopWired: Tell me more about your club.

DJ Ace: It’s a club called The Gate on the Southside. I came back from managing Gucci in ’07 and when I came off the road this club I used to DJ at was closed down. I just decided that I wanted to start my own thing. The club used to be a country club before I even came in there. I’m the one that brought all the Hip-Hop in there. I brought  T.I., Lil Jon, T Pain, Jeezy, I broke Gucci in the club, The Franchize Boyz. Any big artist in the A, I brought through that club.

HipHopWired: So besides at your own club where can someone find you? Do you want to leave any contact info?

DJ Ace: 678-851-0565. That’s my personal number, the number on my mixtapes and for the club. My Twitter is the @TheRealDJAce.

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