Nicki Minaj Appears On ‘Saturday Night Live' [Videos]

NickiOnSNL Nicki Minaj made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night and hit the stage ...

Nicki Minaj made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night and hit the stage for skits, a digital short and performances.

Minaj joined pranksters The Lonely Island for a digital short on a new song titled “The Creep.”

The short featured Minaj in a schoolgirl outfit and glasses rapping about “creeping” on guys in her high school locker room while “T-Rexing” with her arms.

As they disrobed, I was oogling and ogling/ Little did they know that for me they were modeling”, she rapped.

Following that Minaj appeared as the Bride of Blackenstein in a skit parodying Blaxploitation films and showing off a plumper than usual booty.

The rapper donned a black and white wig for the joke alongside Keenan Thompson, and Jay Pharoah.

Nicki wrapped up her appearance on the sketch comedy show with a performance of her latest hit “Moment 4 Life” wearing a colorful bodysuit and boots for the occasion.
Check out Nicki performing on SNL below.



  • Lady Iva

    The Creep and Blackenstein were hilarious sketches! Damn, the werewolves will be out tonight because that is a full moon! Love it!

  • JL2

    Nicki did a great job on the skits! Someone on her team was smart and brought in the backup singers... she has a nice singing voice but you can tell it isnt strong instead of putting her money into her wigs... maybe in some singing lessions... fyi to her stans... I'm not a hater... just stating the facts... plus love the boots!

    • WTF!

      She did a good job, that's great she's showing her versatility early. She reminded me of Paula J Parker on her Bride of Blackenstein skit.

  • wow

    that ***** was funny for once

  • phelove0929

    WHEN is this broad going away?????

  • bonita

    never bytch

  • aneika

    Nicki did an excellent job! I kinda turned on her after listening to her album bc I found it disappointing but I live her again after this. Good for her!

  • frankiestage

    What a flat boring song.

  • DriaB

    Love it! I loved the skits, so cute & funny! She is extremely talented!

  • Hey,Hey,Hey

    Um........ Mad Tv already did a blackenstein skit years ago!SNL is soo lame!

  • parker

    what are the names of the backup singers that appeared with niki minaj on saturday night live earlier this year

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