Christian Rapper Bizzle Sends Justified Shots To Jay-Z's So Called "Throne"…Find Out Why [Video]


“Honestly, I’m fully committed God and I don’t compromise that. I never came in with the intention to throw lyrical jabs or “diss” Jay-Z. 

My position is always from the defense never the offense so my message is not against Jay-Z or people in the industry… it’s just for God.  I really am just trying to get people to start aiming high, because Hip-Hop has people looking real low.” – Bizzle

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When the world first got a real glimpse of Christian emcee Bizzle, he was bringing a new style and flow that was unheard of in the genre of Christian Hip-Hop…he challenged some of the giants in secular music without regard for their status.

His mixtape single “Some Explaining To Do” has received more than 700,000 views on YouTube and sparked the controversial debate regarding Hip-Hop’s spiritual views, as well as acceptable vernacular by Christian emcees.

Fast forward one year later and Bizzle is back with his new project, new sound and tells us why he will never apologize for his stance on the blatant shots at Christianity that seems to run rampant in mainstream Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hopwired: First things first, let’s address the Jay-Z diss, what made you go after Jay-Z, Kanye and Rick Ross?

Bizzle: Well honestly when I created the record, I was a Christian but it didn’t transfer over to my music yet because I was still growing in God.  Honestly didn’t even hear the line in “New York State of Mind” that “Jesus can’t save you”, until after I was telling people to get the album because up until that point he was one of my favorite rappers. Once I heard that line, I didn’t immediately start bashing the dude; I actually went back through all of his catalogues and noticed that the message that he is putting out now is nothing new.

That’s when I decided to record the song, it was actually from a fan stand point asking him to clarify his position because I am a Christian, I love God so if you are talking about the God I serve and disrespecting him, then I have no choice but to come at you…plain and simple. Plus I feel that as a fan I needed to know his views because it is giving me the option to say whether I am going to listen to you or not.

Bizzle – “Explaining To Do”

HHW: Have any of the celebrities you dissed came back at you or reached out to you?

Bizzle: Not really, a few people said that he said he said some slick stuff about me on the “Freemason” record, but I didn’t make the record for me, so if they do respond it’s not hurting me because I never recorded the record to prove me to them anyway.  My intention was to stand up for the Lord…not a me vs Jay-Z thing.

HHW: As an artist, who is Bizzle?

Bizzle: Honestly, I’m fully committed God and I don’t compromise that. I never came in with the intention to throw lyrical jabs or “diss” Jay-Z, my position is always from the defense never the offense so my message is not against Jay-Z or people in the industry it’s just for God.  I really am just trying to get people to start aiming high, because Hip-Hop has people looking real low.

HHW: As a Christian artist, why do you feel that it is harder for Christian emcees to break into mainstream?

Bizzle: Obviously there is a fight to keep God out of it.  I mean think about it, if there is a fight to keep God out of schools then it’s nothing to try to keep him out of the music industry where they are really pushing a lot of this demonic type of lifestyle. If you look at it, Christian music is the only music that is separated by lyrical content. You don’t go into stores and see “weed music” sections or “money music”, but when it comes to music about God we are set apart when really it should all be considered just music.

I think that is one of the reasons that really stops the message from reaching people, but on the flip side I also don’t think that as a Christian we don’t hold the talent standard high. If you are talking about God, people look at it like you are expressing, they won’t even boo you on Apollo and on the other side its way more competitive and more money put behind it that is making it more successful.

HHW: What is your goal with your music?

Bizzle: I just want to reach people for the Lord. There are a lot of people in the hood right now who love the Lord with all their heart, but when you grow up in the hood your perception of love is different.  So I think it’s just showing people who grew up like me God’s way of loving us so that we can see His will for our lives and become better as a people and know that we can get better because that is God’s intention for us all.

Also I think that my music is drawing a line, because there are people out there who listen to Odd Future, who are Christian, and hear him totally dissing God but because they like his music they dismiss it. So in a way, it’s forcing you to make a decision, because we are not taking these negative things personal.  I know we have a lot going on in our lives, but we have to focus on the real objective which is Jesus Christ.

HHW: What about a lot of the people who say that his words are taken out of context?

Bizzle: I like to equate things like this to relationships because it’s easier for people to understand. What you see when people defend him or saying that it’s “not like that”, is no different than a woman who’s best friend tells her that her man is cheating on her. I’ve seen people lose best friends for telling the truth because at the end of the day, people want to hold onto negative things because something about that person or situation makes them feel good.

I’m not a hater, Jay-Z is a dope emcee. So when you have an emcee who is exceptional on the mic and puts out good music that people can relate to, regardless if it’s bad for your mind and soul, people don’t want to let it go. That’s when you hear people say, “it’s just music”, but if it’s just music then why is it a problem when I say what I say about Jay? Reason being, because it’s not just music, but people aren’t trying to hear that.

Bizzle feat. Jin – “Delivered”

HHW: What’s next for Bizzle?

Bizzle: I just released Tough Love and Parables, which is available on I-Tunes.  Right now I have my new single with Jin “Forgive Me” and also I got my “God Over Money” t-shirt line and just a lot more things that I’ve been blessed to do. If people want to know what shows I have coming up and want to just keep up with me, they can log onto, on my Facebook page at LavyssakaBizzle, or on Twitter @MynameisBizzle

Bizzle feat. Jin – “Forgive Me”

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  • Priscilla

    AWESOME!! keep reppin the lord biz! God bless!

  • ~prb

    Hip hop was dead until Bizzle came along !

  • binary hex

    Dear Bizzle… whatever, dude.

  • Sophia

    Very good, he just got himself a new fan!

  • Mj

    Dear Bizzle…. Wow you really sat around to look at everything that man has done. That means you really dont have a JOB or life. Go get one!

    • stop crying over your idol he’s only speaking the truth. It ain’t his fault you can’t take it.

  • Open your Mind

    Jesus can’t save you. It’s obvious. He was created like a fairy tale character.
    There is no such thing as the illuminati. It’s just another way for people to discredit a successful career. I don’t know what it is, but the black community can’t accept someone else’s accomplishments, there always has to be something else.


    • HoldOnWaitAMinute

      WRONG! Jesus CAN and WILL save you if you call on Him. You cannot convince a person who HAS been saved by the love and power of God that they were not so. So speak for yourself, say that Jesus hasn’t saved YOU ( which he would like to but is your choice) but do NOT tell others’ who have first hand experienced God’s salvation first hand that Jesus cannot save them. I am a witness that he CAN!


      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  Proverbs 1:7
      There is TONS of proof that God exists man,  even all the “EDUCATED” people that say that the earth and the existence of life as we know it was caused by the “big bang” ALL agree that there was an UNCAUSED CAUSE in the begining for that THOERY to be viable at all

  • Jason


  • Nae

    Keep bringing light into the darkness bro!

  • Malik

    ILLUMINATI!!! Please how can we call something that is all over the Internet a secret? The people that controls this country walks in the dark… WAKE UP READ! HOVA IS NOT THE MOST HIGH NAME NEITHER IS JESUS! OR JEHOVA! jAY Z is just another fool making money… We need to organize and stop chasing this crackers and their secret groups..

  • Cam

    Ok I am a Christian and Bizzle is on point with his music. As far as you all who are defending Jay Z, ask yourself if Jay Z does not believe in Jesus why keep mentioning and mocking him in his music? I haven’t heard him mock Budda, mohammed, or any of them other religions. If he doesn’t believe in Jesus, ok don’t just focus on just him its these other religions out here that you could mock. I dont know his heart, so I can’t say he is or is not, but I can say the things that he speaks on these records are completely counter to what Jesus was preaching.

    • C.O.G.G.

      Jesus also teaches to fight spiritually, not lyrically or any other way! Even though i dig what ya sayin about those guys misuse of power to turn folks the right way and most of all the way those guys throw the Lords name around ,the word says God says “vengence is mine ” and we as christians should bridle our tounges or you bizzle will make those with less wisdom think its ok to act out in ways against the Lords teaching! The same as what j and them do! Get ur research up b4 u get ur teach-er up i say with love! The rhymes are super but the name callin puts u in their category too! C.O.G.G.

      • Tim Melton

        But didn’t Jesus diss the Pharases and anyone else who challenged him? He did it out of love, but his words were painfully true disses if I ever saw one. Besides, you fight spiritually (out of love) with what say, think, feel, and do. Therefore, that includes lyrical battle. 

  • Revhislur

    really wonderful buzzle you are  such a good rapper to listen to,,,,no matter what they may say keep on fulfilling your call,,,,, jesus is the king ,,,,, amen

  • brian

    Keep doin ur thing Biz. Keep capitalizing on those real christian issues everyone else is too scared to talk about.