Destiny's Child: Other Men Who Had A Chance To Get Beyonce Pregnant


While Beyonce has made every headline in the nation with the announcement of her little ...

While Beyonce has made every headline in the nation with the announcement of her little Jigga in the oven, there are a few men who should be kicking themselves for not being the baby's father.

Although she hinted in an interview two years ago with Los Angeles Confidential that Jay-Z was her first, there have been some rumors and speculations that say different.

Whether it was a rumor, fling, or an actual old relationship, peep the page #'s below to see which men actually had the chance to be the father of Destiny's child.

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  • Me, myself & I

    You guys are being generous with Bey. Ya'll know there's at least 5 more guys that should be listed here, one being Mos Def.

  • hiphop4lyf

    Co-sign Mos def

  • nyp


  • okplaya

    yup they forgot mos def!!!! he was the last one to date her before she got with jay . mos and bey bey dated 99-01

  • Proofread

    If you're writing a book about yourself it's called an AUTObiography, not a biography. Just thought I'd share...

  • Anon

    Where's Usher, Julius her bodyguard, and Lebron on this list??

  • love01

    Who cares, let Beyonce be happy. Everyone has a past, so what. Congratulations to Jay & Beyonce, you are going to make great parents. Let the haters hate, because they have nonething else to do.

  • divinnalafeme


  • Annelli

    The others didn't seem to be serious enough for Beyonce---Marquis Houston cited that he was more focused on his career and didn't want a committed relationship at the time him and Beyonce dated briefly. What I don't understand is why "date" someone when you aren't "ready?" Isn't dating someone a prelude to entertaining the notion of a committed relationship? I think all the other guys before Jay-Z just wanted to play around and Beyonce wasn't having it...I don't blame her. Now she seems to be in a wonderful marriage with a wonderful and supportive husband. What more can you ask for?

  • 7 WildChild

    Why do they skip over Mos Def? Dude was supposed to be slamming her hams the same time Jay Z was when they first met.

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