Alvin Aqua Blanco
photo: VH1

Terrell Owens Sold Georgia Mansion For Major Loss [PHOTOS]


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  • donovan mcnabb

    Thats good for him. have fun buck dancing!

    • Johnny Doe

      still got more than you…

  • tony romo

    Wasn’t worth the popcorn, too much mouth and not enough class, never a cowboy , boy …..

  • Marty Moore

    So nice to see arrogant aSz…ez fall.

  • Eggplant

    Yea old T.O. always was smarter than everybody else. Now he can take that money and use his brain to make some more classic T.O. investment decisions and give us all another story to read

  • davedsone

    I feel bad for him. He gets it, but it’s too late. Ricky Williams got lucky and had his epiphany early. Good luck, T.O. I hope you get an NFL job next year and can pull out of it. You were right about the Eagles.

  • aspectata

    maybe kim & kroy can invest in this home

  • Gloria Ann Jenkins

    Pride commeth before the fall, and Lord knows T.O., had way too much of that swag pride. When you hit the bottom, you find out who you really are, and who really has your back. Fair weather friends are a dime dozen. ( especially, when you have alittle change in your pocket)

  • drew

    Sum1 came up like 7up

  • Toni

    Wonder if Kim and Kroy Bierman bought this?

  • John Mullis

    It’s hard to sympathize for someone with there on indoor Bball court. I guess he’s going through some real tough times. I wish I had his problems

  • mike

    T. O. needs to just b happy n learn to be content with what he has been given by God. He was famous.

  • Can’t we just get along?

    Why are we some judgemental and critical of one another? These comments remind me of the movie Django. Hate!

  • big e

    Dude u cuddah rented that Crib out Sec 8. Lol

    • Truth


  • Micah

    Dude, you spelled “grammar” wrong. Idiot. You’re talking about correctly spelling words?? Go back to college where you left the apostrophe for the word “author’s”. It’s a POSSESSIVE NOUN. Before you talk badly about anyone else’s grammar, step your vocab game up. And, oh yeah, I’m black. Tell me how those apples taste, racist.

    #BOOM #roasted

  • Jimmy the Greek

    What’s next a monkey with a thesaurus

  • Sax

    You don’t start a sentence with and . You and the other gentleman need to be classmates .

  • Dutch

    What, are you 80 or something ? It is currently acceptable to use a conjunction at the beginning of a sentence. But you’re probably too arrogant to believe that. Google it my friend.

  • DB

    Micah is fine; Sax – no space between the last word and the period. It makes you look uneducated.

  • james

    Or your mom giving birth to a somewhat intellectual being???