PETA Slams Beyoncé For Using Python & Iguana Skin To Make Super Bowl Outfit [PHOTOS]



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  • Thismy$2

    Hey PETA don't hate on B because she was wearing it well congratulate smh

    • korn

      Yea she did her thang....

  • Jessica Lucinda Williams

    Bey's not vegan. It's cool!

  • kisstheringfool

    These people need bacon in thier life

  • UnCommonSense

    Oh my God why does it always have to be somebody's "hating on" someone? She was wearing animals, PETA'S against that, it's inevitable = shut the @#&% up. How much do y'all get paid to worship these folks?

    Hold on, it's the same fool from the other article. Did Beyonce give you a kidney? She's a public figure, she will get criticized... If you haven't learned to deal with that by now you must be miserable.

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