Check Out Jennifer Lacy, The Ex-Girlfriend That Made Chamique Holdsclaw Act A Fool [PHOTOS]



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  • Dumbfounded

    Are you out of your ever-loving minds? Being in love OR enamored is NOT about violence. Sticking a gun in someone's face is the exact opposite of love. Come on in to the 21st century folks.

    • Drew Smith

      Are you unaware of the term "Crime of P*****ion"? It is a very real thing that sees many people (mostly women) set free on accord of them being under duress of biblical proportion because of being in love at the time of their offense. You should have written that love SHOULDN'T be about violence...

  • Corey Cooper

    This chick is FINE. 6'3" though??? I'm 5'11", don't know if I could do it...

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Bangin Candy

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