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Lawrence O'Donnell Calls Michelle Obama Cartoon 'Racist Obsenity'


Lawrence O’Donnell Condemns Michelle Obama Cartoon

Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC’s The Last Word is speaking out against the cartoon drawn on Andrew Breitbart’s website last week featured here:

Michelle Obama Depicted As Chubby And Greedy In Republican Cartoon [Picts]



Mr. O’Donnell labeled the drawing a “racist obscenity” and refused to show the entire piece of artwork on his show.

He went on to say that President Obama’s depiction resembled  “a half man, half animal form, with ears that don’t exist in the homo sapien species.”

While the cartoonist feels like a statement is being made, O’Donnell viewed the caricatures as demeaning to the First Family.

How many other political analysts will speak up?

You can view his section on The Last Word here:


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    the overall demeanor and attitude of the right wing and it’s supporters is DISGUSTING to me, I find NOTHING they do to be TASTEFUL or SURPISING.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    Is it idiotic? Yes. Is it racist? No.

    Is Lawrence O’Donnell a sanctimonious pinhead who makes liberals look bad? Yes, absolutely.

  • Jack Fuller

    Is Judas Peckerwood a hypocritical right-wing apologist? Hell Yes!

    You’d have to be delusional to think the cartoon isn’t racist. Depicting Michelle Obama as an obese black woman when she’s clearly in shape and concerned about obesity is pretty racist and hypocritical………typical of the right in this country.

    • Tony

      how the hell does overweight = racist you pinhead Jack Fuller??