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Arenas Aims To Shut Down ‘Basketball Wives: LA’

Gilbert Arenas thought his ex-wife getting some money joining the Basketball Wives cast was all good but apparently he spoke to his attorneys and had a change of heart.

The Orlando Magic guard is attempting to file an injunction against Basketball Wives: LA before it even starts. He’s citing that his ex, Laura Govan being involved in the show is in reference to his name if it is expressed or implied.

Arenas wants no parts of his personal life on the screen but this suit is totally different from the song he sang publicly on Twitter not too long ago.

“for everybody talkin about my BM on that tv show..i dont care what she does..if she gets a job I [pay] less money to her(SMART THINKER HERE).”

“1 they cant lie about u on tv u can sue the show 2 if they hav a job it lowers ur let them work.”

Maybe he’ll get his wish or we’ll get to see what Mr. Arenas is so secretive about.

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