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After the demise of the relationship between himself and Jay-Z, it seemed as though Damon Dash had begun to fade into obscurity.

Selling his portion of Roc-A-Fella to Def Jam in 2004, he switched gears and tried to rebuild as he launched Dame Dash Music Group and was allegedly taking pieces of the old Roc with him to rebuild the dynasty that was destroyed.

After his BET reality show Ultimate Hustler seemed to fizzle, things for Dash looked to be on a downfall. Hey, anytime an artist has to resort to reality TV, let alone BET, there is clearly an issue going on.

Dame has stepped back into the music realm, producing a new album called BlacRoc which will feature a vast amount of artists that will provide their lyrical presence over music that will be made by the rock/blues group known as The Black Keys. So far, names such as Mos Def, Jim Jones, Ludacris and Pharoahe Monch have appeared in relation to appearances for the upcoming project. The date of release is set for the day after Thanksgiving.

Having the mentality of a hustler, Dash hasn’t stopped with the music and as he did with Rocawear, he intends to expand his branch and develop himself even further as he did back in the days with the Roc. Dash has announced plans to launch a new radio station entitled Magnet Radio. The station is set to place a heavy emphasis on music instead of having it oversaturated with ads to promote finances. Dash has stated that it’s not about getting the money, but more about providing a platform for people to hear good music and this will serve as an emerging business model.

Dame has also placed his hand in the auto industry. Tiret New York, the luxury timepiece and jewelry brand established in 2004, alongside Daniel Lazar, have moved into a new realm with its latest creation: the Tiret Sport Coupe. Based on the Range Rover Sport, the luxe 2-door sport utility was just unveiled at Swiss watchmakers expo Baselworld alongside Tirets opulent bejeweled timepieces.

Some people take a situation and use it as an excuse to never pick themselves back up off their feet. Others, however, use their bumps and bruises as motivation to become even bigger than they once were. With the experiences already under their belt, they come the second time around revitalized and can be a formidable force.