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Italy - "I Am Legend" Premiere in Rome

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Anti-vaxxers have been going crazy with conspiracy theories and using memes to convince people to refuse the COVID vaccines and instead take their chances with Tha Rona out in the jungle. But the screenwriter for I Am Legend has had enough of his film being used to push the wild conspiracy theories.

Many people have begun to theorize that the vaccines would sooner or later lead to vaccinated people turning into zombies a la I Am Legend, and it’s gotten to the point where people actually believe the stupidity behind it. Hearing the nonsense and being spewed on social media and out in the streets, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman took to Twitter to respond to the conspiracy theory by stating the obvious, “Oh. My. God. It’s a movie. “I made that up. It’s. Not. Real.”

Well, we guess he’s going to begin getting death threats from anti-vaxxers and Trumpians now.

In I Am Legend, people who took a genetically reprogrammed virus began to turn into vampire-ish creatures who ran amuck across the globe. Naturally, anti-vaxxers used the film to promote their anti-vaccine views and have since come up with all kinds of memes using screenshots from the Will Smith flick as well. We guess Goldsman had enough of the misinformation and decided to chime in on the ridiculousness.

Whether or not anti-vaxxers will be swayed by his two cents remains to be seen (they won’t), but at least he’s attempting to remind everyone that a movie is just that, a movie. Hopefully, some of y’all get the message.